Attempting to write ‘youtube’ into Google on a wireless keyboard with a fading battery, I accidentally typed ‘youtg’. The first result was, ironically, for an Italian YouTube video of girls in bikinis titled ‘youtg estate 2012’. Having enjoyed watching this, I became fascinated with the internet’s power to provide diverting entertainment for any random keyboard mashing. I duly leant on the keyboard and produced a satisfying ‘lkjsadgh’.

“Did you mean: lkjasdf”, asked Google. Yes, I guess I must have done. Uncanny.

Smug in the satisfaction of having reached the end of the internet, I was also pleasantly surprised to find that ‘lkjasdf’ has its own entry on the website (“something people typically type in google when they are thinking of what to search for”) and that it is also the title of a video of somebody’s child falling off a trampoline.

The internet: The gift that keeps on giving.